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Mainline Match Activated Halibut Fishing Pellets are a supreme addition to the tackle box of any discerning angler. These high-quality pellets are crafted from top-tier fishmeal and fish oils, ensuring an alluring mix of proteins and high oil content that's certain to entice specimen fish.

One of the outstanding features of these pellets is their slow breakdown. They are engineered to disperse their enticing contents gradually, keeping your swim populated with a tantalising cloud of attraction for an extended period. Their high leakage property means that they steadily release their attractants into the water, stimulating the olfactory senses of the fish and drawing them into your area.

Available in various sizes – 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10mm, these pellets offer a flexible solution to different angling needs. Whether you're feeder fishing, using a method mix, or fishing on the drop, there's a size to suit your approach. Smaller pellets are superb for attracting a wide range of species, while the larger sizes offer a substantial meal that's perfect for those larger, more cautious fish.

The Mainline Match Activated Halibut Fishing Pellets come in a handy 1kg resealable bag. This feature ensures the freshness and quality of the pellets are retained from the moment you open the bag to the last pellet. No need to worry about your bait going stale or losing its potency over time.

This bait's unique blend of high-quality fishmeal and oils, slow breakdown, and high leakage properties make it an irresistible attractant to a multitude of species. It's an incredibly effective tool for coaxing wary fish into your swim. Whether you're targeting carp, barbel, tench, or bream, these pellets provide an enticing proposition that few fish can resist.

Mainline Match Activated Halibut Fishing Pellets are more than just a bait. They're an essential part of your fishing strategy, helping you to attract, hook, and land those elusive specimens. These pellets are a testament to Mainline's commitment to producing top-quality baits that deliver results time after time. This is bait craftsmanship at its finest, bringing together years of angling expertise and cutting-edge bait technology.


Product: Mainline Match Activated Halibut Fishing Pellets
Composition: High-quality fishmeal and fish oils
Breakdown Time: Slow
Leakage: High
Sizes: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10mm
Packaging: 1kg resealable bag

The Mainline Match Activated Halibut Fishing Pellets are a must-have for any angler seeking a reliable, effective, and versatile bait. With their slow breakdown, high leakage, and range of sizes, they're designed to give you the edge, whatever your target. 

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