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A reliable, durable option for those anglers looking for a sturdy line that produces results, this is a line that has landed two British record carp, and won numerous awards across the range of angling disciplines. If you demand quality performance from every aspect of your fishing gear, this is the spool for you.

A unique aspect of this specific monofil is its incredible popularity across every angling discipline, whatever rods and bait are used, showing what a phenomenal line this can be for you, offering an option that will deliver results, and impress with its performance and action.

With two British record carp landed on this line, and a host of awards backing up the already well-respected Daiwa name, this is the ultimate line for the ultimate angler.

Known for being a rugged, dependable line, this 15lb breaking strain monofil will you’re your angling to the next level, whatever your discipline. Proving that sometimes the classics are the best, this is one line that won’t disappoint its user, giving a taut, strong pull when paired with the right reel It’s this highly responsive action that has made this the go-to option for anglers of all levels of experience across multiple disciplines. Good for whatever kind of angling experience you enjoy, or are looking to start, this monofil is a sure-fire guarantee of getting that dream catch. With this piece of your tackle taken care of, you’re free to get on and enjoy the rest of your angling experience. If you’re looking to give the angler in your life a gift that keeps on giving, you won’t go wrong with this Daiwa line.

Another aspect of the Daiwa Sensor Monofil is its stellar reputation for durability. Truly ticking all the boxes, with this line you’re guaranteed a long lasting investment in a boost to your angling experience and achievement. Its amazing durability is sure to impress, and using this spool really is one of those experiences you have to go through to appreciate - and then wonder how on earth you coped without it! Pretty soon, hauling in that perfect catch will be regular thing for you, thanks to this superb monofil that always goes the distance.

Giving a supple, consistent diameter, this monofil is one of those that are perfect in every way. With no deviations in its design, you are guaranteed a continuous stream of momentum under your own, complete. control. With a smooth cast and return taken care of, you can focus on getting that great catch! The consistency in the design is a huge credit to this line, really improving the spool’s overall user experience, both for competitive match anglers and for pleasure anglers. With exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, this is a professional standard reel that’s priced to be completely accessible to everyone, whatever your angling tackle budget.

Diawa is a brand that has consistently delivered products that, time and again, have proven exceptional, and this latest monofil is sure to prove no exception to you. Giving a nice consistency overall, this is a line that will always deliver, with rugged, durable, full-function reliability as standard. The host of awards this line has hooked are well-deserved, standing as a testament to the exceptional appeal and performance of this stand-out offering from Daiwa.

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