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Dynamite Baits



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The perfect carp angling arsenal, whether unwrapped by an enthusiastic newcomer to the angling scene, or brought together by the experience, knowledge, and good judgement of an angler who’s seen many seasons and sessions come and go from the full range of bankside terrain, isn’t just made up of sleek, powerful rods, smoothly finished in subtly stylish matte black, stainless steel accents glinting in the first sun of spring, or strong, durable nets ready to draw smoothly through the ripples of your favourite venue, cradling a stunning fish, and potential personal best, safely to the bank.  It’s not even about the sharply-sparkling points of hooks more than ready to do the business, or the subtle thread of line designed to virtually disappear mid-water, whilst remaining clearly visible above the surface for effortless, in-the-moment adjustment. Even the softest, most durable weighing sling, offering the best protection to priceless fish, isn’t the end of your angling equipment must-haves. When you’re creating the perfect carp kit, it’s not complete until you’ve brought the best bait – because a carp angler with nothing to offer hungry carp is going to encounter disappointment sooner than expected!

Carp-Tec Scopex Boilies, brought to you by the creative intelligence of the Dynamite Bait brand, offer an affordable, consistent, quality boilie that’s perfect for new carpers, or high feed situations, such as a close-season stroll along a promising river bank, or a close-fought angling match on a hard-fished venue.  Originally developed for heavy baiting in European waters, these boilies feature an impressive base mix and enhanced flavour regime that’s already bringing in spectacular results in the UK and overseas, setting these boilies up as a promising possibility for lifestyle carpers who enjoy experiencing new landscapes and waterways, as well as the keen, competitive carp angler.

Supplied with a free sachet of pop ups, the Carp-Tec Scopex Boilies are an affordable, innovative addition to any angling set up, and will almost certainly give you an advantage over the carp, and your fellow anglers. Get ahead with a dynamite baiting regime from Dynamite Bait.

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