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Super versatile with an easy-load function, low profile with base grips and adaptable to fish inline, free running, traditional hanging, and with the Elasticated X-Safe System. Perfect for rivers, commercials and specimen fishing, available in Mini, Small, Medium and Large to cover all options!

Aerodynamic weight forward design makes casting distances easy and enables anglers to be extra accurate

Strategically placed holes for optimal bait release

Quick load lid easily clips open and closed

The low profile makes the feeder discrete, and hold the bottom effectively in flow

Rigid base with micro studs help the feeder grip on slopes and in flowing water

Ultimate versatility - can be used inline so they are free running, clipped on with the swivel attachment, or with the X-Safe system

All-round usage on commercial fisheries, lakes for specimen fishing, and on flowing rivers!

Suitable with other baits, not just maggots, like casters and hemp or micro pellets and chopped worm

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