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The SMWG Bait Band Ready Rigs are the perfect hooklength option when Method, Hybrid and Pellet Feeder fishing on commercial fisheries. The rigs work perfectly when hair rigging hookbaits like hard pellets, wafters, pop-ups and even baits like maggots. The rig features an optimum sized Micro Bait Band at the end of the hair rig. This is intended to be placed around your chosen hookbait. There is also a tiny piece of 0.3mm Micro silicone on the shank of the hook and hair rig which is there to keep the hookbait in place and make sure the rig is working perfectly. 

If you’re struggling to attach your hookbaits by hand, we recommend using our Pellet Pliers which make the process of banding hookbaits quick and easy. The SMWG Bait Band Ready Rigs are the ultimate commercial hooklength option, suited perfectly to a wide variety of fish species and fishing situations.

This version features the extremely popular SMWG hook, which is PTFE coated, giving a super-sharp, longer lasting point.

Available in 4” and 15” to cover a wide array of different fishing situations and hookbait options. The 4” Ready Rigs comes pre-tied on our reliable rig boards. The 15” versions come pre-tied on our easy-to-use hooklength spools, which fit perfectly into the Guru Rig Boxes, improving organisation and efficiency.

In the 10, 12 and 14 sizes we have improved the line diameter options to offer even more choice in these larger sizes (see size chart below for options and diameters). All our Ready Rigs are tied on our tried and tested N-Gauge line. Proving over countless years to be a firm favourite amongst pleasure, coarse and match anglers. 

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