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Korda's BASIX range of tackle has been designed to cater for the learner carp angler, juniors, occasional anglers or those on a restricted budget, with the emphasis being on providing high quality products, which will catch fish, but at a price that anyone can afford.

The entire BASIX range has been designed to work in a modular way and can be put together easily.

Offering everything needed, from the hook end and mounting a hook bait, right the way back to the bite indication. 

The BASIX range will help youngsters, new anglers, and financially less fortunate anglers to have the tackle they need to catch fish just as well as the anglers around them.

The BASIX Wide Gape hook has been designed as the perfect all-round pattern, which can be used straight out of the packet for a wide variety of rigs and without the need to add lots of other components – whether you are fishing bottom baits, pop-ups or wafters.
The aggressive in-turned eye helps to ensure that it flips over and takes hold in the mouth, without the need to add additional Kickers or shrink tube. It is made from Korda's ‘X’ gauge wire, so is suitable for use both in the UK and overseas, due to its strength. It also has an unobtrusive black nickel finish.
The point has been designed to be long-lasting and it is possible to catch multiple fish on the same hook before it needs changing –every time you cast out though, do check it is still sharp and change it if not.
The shape is based upon the incredibly effective original Korda Wide Gape, which has been responsible for catching countless big carp over the years.
Available in barbless sizes 4, 6 and 8. 

10 hooks per packet.
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