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Ideal for rig preparation, the Rig Station stores all of the essential rig making materials such as line, shot, floats and small accessories like hooks and silicone.
There is a dedicated area where the line of choice can be positioned and then attached to the pins within the rig station to keep the line taught, perfect for applying shot and Stotz.
There are also removeable pins which can screwed into the Rig Station for hook tying.
The rig station is perfect for use at home, or ideal for taking to festivals where you may need to make rigs throughout the trip.

• Compact to transport
• Storage areas for all rig making components
• Durable construction
• Can be used for tying rigs & hooklengths
• Measures so you can be accurate with shot placement

Dimensions Closed – 43x22x7cm
Dimensions Open – 84x22x4cm
Weight – 1.8kg

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