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Sonubaits F1 is the original and best sweet fishmeal flavour, designed for catching F1's, carp and skimmers. We have pumped a concentrated F1 flavour into a soft hookable pellet which makes the perfect hookbait when using F1 Groundbait.

Sonubaits Soft Hookers have been labelled as the very best ready to use hookable pellet available, by anglers such as Des Shipp (England International) and Tommy Pickering (England Feeder Team Manager). With our new and unique manufacturing process we can ensure that the pellets are consistently perfect without going mushy or drying out and crumbling. All the pellets sink and are ready to use without any preparation.

On the pole they are superb for fishing shallow for carp and F1's when you are getting lots of bites because you can strike and they don't come off, on the waggler they can be used with confidence as they will easily withstand the cast and are irresistible to all fish, and they can also be hair rigged and used on a method feeder.
The Pellets are available in 6 mm8mm
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