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Wychwood Solace Landing Net 42inch

Wychwood Solace Landing Net 42inch

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Wychwood Solace 42" Landing Net

If you’re looking for a net that is able to offer highly practical value for money then you need look no further than the Wychwood Solace 42" Landing Net. As the name suggests, this landing net has 42" arms, which are ample large enough to allow you to target the biggest fish that the UK has to offer as well as enabling you to travel to the continent with confidence. These arms are ultra-strong and have been manufactured from high performance carbon, so they can hold up even in the face of the weightiest carp. The handle is made from the same material and it offers the perfect combination between strength, rigidity, and light weight.

The spreader block on the Wychwood Solace 42" Landing Net has been custom designed. This ensures that it can perfectly support the net and it is able to offer unparalleled strength and tension resistance. What’s more, this spreader block has been fitted with isotope slots. These are a huge asset for all your night time angling, as they give off a soft slow which not only lets you know exactly where your net is but it also won’t risk spooking your quarry. This means that you don’t have to worry about a midnight scream from your bite alarm, as you’ll be able to quickly and easily locate your landing net and manoeuvre it through the water to your capture. The mesh of the net is midnight black in colour, which ensures that it will look great with all your existing carp fishing gear. It is also high flow, which ensures that your net won’t get dragged downstream by a strong current. After all, the last thing you want when you’re trying to land your new personal best carp is to be battling with the water flow, too! The Wychwood Solace 42" Landing Net comes in its own protective carry case, too.

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